24 Kasım 2008 Pazartesi

EssaY on Poverty

Although it is not witnessed, poverty is the scar face of the world that is fobbed off. You can see many peeople in deprivation of common necessities, sleeping on a bank, hoping for help from bins. Natural disasters, unemployment,political policies and population increase are the causes of poverty. Frankly, there will always be poverty as long as the world exists. As its result, povery creates negative consequences for society such as increase in crime rates and contagious diseases.

One of the most important results of poverty is the increase in crime rates. Evidence of this relationship is easy to come by .For example, Mark Anderson , researcher of the university of Washington, find evidence that suggests that giving families the opportunity to move to neighbours with lower levels of poverty reduces criminal behaviour by teenagers. In another study using data from U.S. urban countries ,it is found that poverty has a strong influence on violent crime .A woman from the urban countries of U.S. ,Sarah Daley says " I am middle class with two grown kids, had my children been raised in extreme poverty .Altough I tried hard to prevent them ,they stole food when they were very hungry. In summary, this is a natural instinct an can not be prevented if they are hungry ". Another grievous consequence of poverty is the increase in diseases. Poverty makes children sick. While poverty is not a contagious disease ,it does top the list of conditions that commonly affect children and youth .Take ,for example ,Ontario ,Canada 's capital city where more than 4000 families are waiting for social housing .These families can not afford adequate housing and live in a crowded apartments or dwellings which are inadequate and unsafe .The consequences of inadequate housing on a child's health are wide ranging ,from an increased risk of asthma and respiratory disorders to lead exposure ,ear infections and vomiting .Besides, many families are faced with the significant financial hardship associated with the cost of drugs .Several studies confirm that patients may reduce or suddenly stop using prescription drugs when copayments are required.

It is clear that people do not want to know if there is poverty in some place as a result of something but they are here, on a bank or in front of the bins. We know the causes but we can not prevent it and endure its results such as the increase in criminal activity and diseases.

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