22 Aralık 2008 Pazartesi

No European Union , No Cry

"Progress in EU relationships", "EU members in Turkey", "tension between Turkey and the EU"... These are the sounds echoing in my dream. Is not that weird? This issue started to be in our dreams anyway. In fact, dreaming about this issue may be accepted as normal. We grew up with it after all. Still, let's sum it up a little. The roots of European Union is based on European Cool and Steel Community. This community developed in time and became one of the biggest economic and politic organizations. Turkey has struggled for joining it for about fourty years and has victoried very little on points. I believe that Turkey should not join the European Union because the EU is exploiter in economic fields, two faced in political fields, catty in military fields and cencorship in social fields.

First reason why Turkey should not join European Union is that They are exploiting us unmercifully in the economics field. As is known, Turkey is the only country that signed the Customs Union Treaty without being a member of it. Plainly, we signed it but we are not in the Resolution Committee. Thus, EU is not pumping the economic aids which The Customs Union involved in. Turkey has lost 80 billion dollars since this treaty was signed in. Since they did not fulfill their promises, Turkey lost 12,5 billion dollars in five years( 2,5 billion dollars per annum) and could not get 3.2 billion dolllars which was promised at first hand. As these economic aids did not come to our country, we toppled into two severe recessions. Another point of the damage to Turkey is the tariffes which are applied to the third world countries. Just because of this, foreign-trade deficit of Turkey doubled and it caused Turkey not to take place in an outlet which includes 250 million people. This situation costed a great deal of money,8.4 billion dollars, for public sectors.

Not only the economic issues, but also there are some other problems in the militaries field. Another reason why Turkey should not be in EU is that they are insidious when it comes to talk about military issues. First, EU believes that Turkish army, which asserts the rights of our citizens and insures the peace in Cyprus, is occupier. Second, EU claims that Turkey contravened the national borders(Iraq) and they also announced that Turkey's cross-border operations against the terrorist organization are unfair.Take, for example, opinions of Karen Fogg who is EU old represantative of Turkey: "I want to see a flag that consists of yellow, green and red against the flag of Turkey"(ın Tunceli). In summary, they do not want our country to contest against the terrorist organization. Third, if Turkey joins EU, Turkish Army will be one of the most effective member states in the European Army that will be established. Moreover, since Turkey's army will be the best considering the quality, it is a very big problem in possibility of argument in Europe. So neither should we join nor they takes us for safety.

Another reason why Turkey should not join EU is that they are two-faced in the political fields. As you know, members of EU have voting rights in proportion to their population. Merkel thinks that Turkey will never be a member of EU and explains the reason :" Turkey will never be able to catch the expected level about the woman rights, rule of law and democratic reforms." But what if we carry out them? Then their insincerity starts to come out and expressions starts to change like this : "We can not even imagine a majority of 100 Turkish members in EU Parliament" These words were uttered by Camiel Eurlings, leader of christian-democrats in Holland, before the EU progress report (24 october 2006) was established. There are different notworthy opinions In C.Eurling's draft report. In this report, it is said that not only Turkey made Armenian Genocide but also they made the Assyrian and Pontus Genocide. It is also declared that if Turkey wants to join EU it should accept these claims of genocide. Moreover, they wanted us to recognize the South Cyprus and open the harbours. After all these circumstances, they still do not guarantee the membership. First, we will acknowledge our politics of agriculture, health, economy and education. Second, We will be a commonwealth of EU. Third, We will be in EU but we will not have the right of free circulation.

My opponents may think that joining EU means act of justice, democracy and equivalence but I want to ask whether the patent of democracy is in the EU. İs the condition of being democratic really joining the EU? Is not there any democracy apart from it? Of course there is... We all know that Norway, Japan and USA are governed with democracy. Let's remember the recent events a little. "I do not go a country where the woman is scragged.". These are the words of Emmanuella Beart, French actrist, who did not join the İstanbul Film Festival for the same reason. Just three weeks after, on April 13 2005, The French police crashed the college youths protesting. The EU's media did not see this. What do you think? Is it democratic or egelitarian? When there is a right to learn kurdish language in our country, I do not think you lnow that there is a ban to talk Turkish in many European Countries. Is there anyone who does not watch the news about the woman who was washing the toilet of his son's school as a penalty since he spoke Turkish at school? I guess we all know it.

Consequently, I strongly believe that we should not join the European Union because we do not need it. Our country should just realise its power and think about improving itself without the aid of another country or institution. We all know that the EU is self-centered and do not even dally with the problems of other countries. Moreover Turkey may turn its face to the other side and be in interaction with Asian countries and others. There are a lot of chances for us and I am sure they are all better than the European Union. All we have to is to give up the EU and establish a new future which is full of peace.

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sağoL ciğerim

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